Product Blitz’s advertising Campaign for florida realty investments resulted in hundreds of leads at a low cost for acquiring new agents.



Product Blitz was hired by Florida Realty Investments to create a digital advertising strategy through Facebook in order to acquire leads at a low cost. This specific campaign was focused on acquiring agents to sell under their name.


The Desire:

Florida Realty Investments is always looking for new agents to join their team that spans over 10 locations in central Florida with over 500 agents. Growing their agent base generally means more properties sold under their name, resulting in greater revenue. Simply put, the goal was to grow the agent base for Florida Realty investments both for brand awareness and greater profits.


The Problem:

Florida Realty Investments did not have a marketing strategy for acquiring agents that yielded them results they were happy with. Since Product Blitz was generating leads for them rapidly for their property management solutions, they looked to Facebook as a potential answer for acquiring agent leads as well.


The Strategy:

The strategy was rather simple in concept. Advertise to real estate agents why Florida Realty Investments is the way to go, link them to a form to submit their contact info (for more information), and automatically have those leads route to the sales manager to follow up.

Here’s an example of what our Facebook advertising strategy looks like:


Pictured above is the strategy we used.

Let’s go through some of the main ideas behind it:

The Targeting/Positioning:

Showing these ads to the right people (real estate agents) was very easy, so targeting wasn’t an issue. This is because Florida Realty Investments had an email list of about 90,000 real estate agents in central Florida through purchasing third-party data. And what we did with that was upload them to Facebook, allowing us to pair their emails with their Facebook account, through what is called a custom audience. And about 75,000 out of those 90,000 emails did link to a Facebook account, which meant we had a large enough audience size and could show our ads exclusively to people who were agents or had a past in real estate.

The Ad Creative:

Over the duration of the campaign, we tested different imagery, headlines, and copywriting, but what you see above is what performed best. What obviously stands out is “100% commission”, which is becoming more popular for real estate firms. Other than that, there are other benefits advertised including free leads, office space, training, and more. Overall, for a real estate agent, the ad is very intriguing because Florida Realty Investments has a lot to offer.

Form Submission:

An easy and effective way to collect contact information is through Facebook’s built-in lead forms. These perform well because they allow users to submit information without going to another site (more easily accessible) and Facebook already has your contact information, so forms populate automatically. As pictured above, the user clicks on the ad and their info is already automatically filled out, unless they want to make changes. After that, you just hit the ‘continue’ button and you’re finished. That simple. In other scenarios, we would probably request additional information in the form depending on the context of what’s being offered (that the user would have to manually input), but the name, email, and phone number was all that was required by the client here.


After forms are submitted on Facebook, I have an integration set up using a software tool called Zapier that automatically routes that contact information to the correct recipient, who in this case is the sales manager responsible for hiring agents. As pictured above, after a user submits a form, the sales manager (Ryan) automatically get an email from me with their contact information. There’s no limitation to where the information can be routed to (text message, spreadsheet, Mailchimp, etc), but in this case email was how the client wanted lead information delivered.


The Result:

As shown above, we generated a lot of leads. 223 leads to be exact at an average cost of $14.57 over the duration of this campaign. Florida Realty Investments was happy with the results. And we definitely kept their sales manager busy!