Product Blitz’s advertising campaign for Eastside weight and wellness has resulted in a 60x ROI on advertising and over $150,000 in revenue.



Product Blitz was hired to do advertising & branding work for Eastside Weight & Wellness, an independent health clinic who sells weight loss products.


The Desire:

The company wanted to increase their revenue by attracting more high-ticket dieters to their programs.


The Problem:

Eastside Weight & Wellness had virtually no marketing strategy, outside of word of mouth and some simple print material. In order to get the results they wanted, they needed to try something new and improve on what currently existed. 


The Strategy:

Product Blitz presented them with a proposal focusing on a brand/website makeover, as well as an advertising strategy that focused primarily on Google Adwords to start. The proposal was accepted and the first step was to completely redo the website from scratch, which Product Blitz did entirely. The website's focus was to be visually appealing, but more importantly also tell a story around their brand that connected with website visitors who were interested in weight loss. The objective was to increase the number & percentage of people who booked free consultations on the website. Free consultations are the top-of-the-funnel component that later leads to them becoming a dieter afterwards. 

After the website was completed,  a Google Adwords strategy was deployed to attract visitors to the website who searched for terms related to weight loss and Ideal Protein (the manufacturer of the products). These ads would lead to landing pages that demonstrated the core messaging of the rest of the site, along with a call to action to book a free consultation on the page. Facebook ads were additionally used throughout the campaign targeted towards audiences similar to those that engaged with the company through Google Adwords. 


Above are a couple examples of the advertisements that were created and executed. The Google Adwords example is shown on the laptop, while the Facebook advertisement is displayed on the phone. 


The result:

At the time of writing, the campaign has been going strong for over 5 months. The company will approximately gain $150,000 in revenue from the inflow of new dieters thus far as they complete the program. This is a 60x return on advertising spend. 


Why it worked: 

The website converts extremely well:

The website's ability to convert visitors into free consultations at a conversion rate of 10% is very strong and is a large component of the campaign's success. With an average click cost of $2, getting someone to book a free consultation costs an average of $20. The average closure rate from free consultation to dieter is roughly 30%. With all that, the average customer acquisition cost was $70. And each customer brings in roughly $5000!

Ads were properly tested and optimized:

Our first advertisement did not look the same as the last. Several different keyword groups, advertisements, and landing pages were tested to ensure the most optimum results. We did everything from analyzing the effectiveness of certain keywords in Google Adwords to adjusting landing page text for stellar conversion rates for audiences coming from Google and Facebook.